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Hello, everybody, and welcome to nextgenconfessions’ second contest!

Our dreamcast contest was such a hit and it was super fun (hopefully it was for all of you as well), so we decided to host another! Or, well, Pearl (that’s me) decided to host another, and don’t worry, I promise results will be much more punctual this time around, haha.

Anywho, here’s how it’ll work:

  • first, we want everyone and anyone who is interested to send us a next-gen drabble via the submit box —it can be about any character/pairing you like, but it must star at least one of the 16 canon next-gen kids (OCs are allowed, but they cannot be the main character unless it’s a romance with one of the canon kids)
  • remember — drabbles are meant to be short, so the maximum word count is 500 words — less is great, a little more (I’ll give you a grace period of 20 words or thereabouts) is fine, but please try to keep it within that range.
  • out of the drabbles we recieve, we will pick a certain number (right now, I’m thinking 25, but that depends on how many people enter) to be finalists, and we will post the winning drabbles on our blog
  • the winners will then be given parameters to write another drabble (things like a specific pairing, character, setting, word prompts, etc.) and they will submit their drabbles for that round to us, again using the submit box and making sure to follow all the given parameters
  • 2 people will be eliminated each round, and each round will have different parameters for the finalists to write in; all winning drabbles will be posted on the blog alongside regular confessions
  • when there are 5 finalists left standing, they will be declared the champions and their winning drabbles posted on a new page of the blog so that all can marvel at their superb writing skills :)

If you have any questions, drop ‘em in our askbox! All questions about this contest will be tagged “drabble contest” for easy finding.

DEADLINE: if you want to submit a drabble, make sure you have it in through the submit box by JUNE 15TH 2012. That’s NEXT FRIDAY, which gives you a week.

What are you waiting? Start writing!

Anonymous: would you like something completely knew for the first entry, or can we put up something that we have written before?

We would prefer it be something new that you’ve written just for the contest :)

itwasthemomentiknew: I'm confused about how we submit drabbles

Through the “submit a text post” option on our submit page.

Anonymous: How long is it goint to take for you to pick the top 25 (or whatever number you choose) out of all the submitted drabbles?

If all goes well, the list of finalists should be posted within the next week after drabbles are due.

Anonymous: Do the drabbles have to be romantic?

No, they do not, they can be character-focused or friendship/family-focused, if you prefer. We’re just looking for good writing!

Anonymous: Have you got many entrants yet? What is the most common so far? (Not that I'm working out my opposition, oh no, definitely not)

We’ve got 5 so far, and Lily is in 4 out of 5, if that’s the kind of information you’re looking for? :)

Anonymous: Are we just going to send the drabbles as they are or are we going to add some information like a summary or rating or something like that? :)

You can if you like, although a summary isn’t necessary as it’s only a drabble. We’ve had a few people put titles, ratings, pairings, word count, stuff like that in the title of the post, which is absolutely fine :)

Anonymous: I really want to submit a fic to you all, but it wouldn't be eligible for the contest because its word count is double the rules. Can I still submit it and if you all like it, you can post it? Just for fun! (And because I think at least a few people would enjoy it!)

Sure thing! Just make sure you mention clearly that it’s over the word limit in your submission for convenience, and we can decide where to put it once we make the drabble page :)

Anonymous: Do the drabbles have to be any specific point of view?

Nope, they can be anything you want as long as they follow the guidelines. Again, we just want good writing! :)

Anonymous: can we submit multiple drabbles?

No, please don’t do that.

ten-finngers-deactivated2012072: hi there! this is isha, and i was thinking of entering your drabble contest just for fun ;) if my drabble turns out to be good, do you think i could publish it on ffn?

Sure thing! You can publish it once this round is over, whether you win or lose — though, if you win, please wait till it’s published on our homepage before publishing it on FFN :)

Anonymous: Can we without tumblr accounts submit things with the drabble contest?

That’s a good question. It is possible to submit things anonymous, however it might be a hassle for you to participate since you can’t follow us to know what the next round is about, so you’d have to constantly check our page. If you’re prepared to do that, go right ahead.

Also, if submitting anonymously, please leave a name (it doesn’t have to be your real name, just something for us to call you). We’re not going to make five different people named “anonymous” winners because that would get confusing fast.

(I would still recommend making a tumblr account, maybe just one solely for this, but it’s up to you!)

Just so you know, the contest operates in the California timezone, as that’s where I (Pearl) live :)

So, hurry up, get your drabbles in to our submit box!

And after the first round is judged and ready to go, there’s almost 50 confessions in our inbox for us to make and spam your dashes with, so be on the lookout!

hey, everyone, it’s pearl here, and i’m sifting through our drabble submissions right now and the results should hopefully be up soon if all goes well and i’m not interrupted! we’ve decided on having 15 winners for the first round :)

on a side note — the “submit a text post” option will remain up for the duration of the drabble contest HOWEVER we will not accept submissions through it. if you want to submit a confession while the ask box is closed, make it yourself and use the “submit a photo post” option, or else just wait for the ask to open again.

and if you have questions for us, the submit box is also not the place to put it. you can fanmail us for questions (though DO NOT SUBMIT CONFESSIONS VIA FANMAIL — they will be instantly deleted), but we won’t answer if you use the “submit a text post” option to send us questions.

point of the post: results should be up soon, and do not use the submit a text post option for anything except drabbles, the end :)

here we go! in no particular order, here is a bullet list of the people who won the first round!

  • hondagirll
  • eternityinstarshadows
  • dessers
  • hot-desk
  • likeafangirl
  • aiiimy
  • gingernewtsandjammydodgers
  • what-a-mellarky
  • fearless-flawless
  • ahandaroundyourwrist
  • fib112358132134
  • jessicaestellex
  • sarcastic-crime-fangirl
  • Anonymous (we only had one)
  • another-great-adventure-waits

congratulations to all of you, and thanks to everybody who submitted a drabble! we really appreciate your participation! :)

the winning drabbles will be queued up and on display on our front page soon enough. in the meantime, all you finalists needs to get to writing because here are your prompts!

i’ll start you off easy:

characters: lucy & lily

prompt: swimming

how to use a prompt: if i press ctrl+f and search for the word “swimming” in your drabble, i ought to be able to find it in that specific tense, not any variants like “swim”. drabble does not necessarily have to be about swimming, but the word itself must be included.


good luck to all, and thanks again! :)