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I got it from here :)

Lily’s animagus was a peacock. Made by hummingbird-road.

Lily’s animagus was a peacock. Made by hummingbird-road.

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sorry, school has started for me so now i’m busy again :( i’ll try to get on during the weekends and make confessions and answer questions!! thank you all for following <3

Lily´s best friend was Dom.
Lily´s secret wish had always been to live in a castle… after she met Scorpius, she was happy with their beautiful house near Oxford.
There was nobody with as many clothes as Dominique.

Rose became - to her maternal grandparents´ pride - the first magical orthodontist.

victoire hated the nickname “vic”.
Dominique´s patronus was a shark - graceful cat of the oceans.
Al was the only of the Potter kids to have a cat. It was a huge, black tomcat with a scarred ear and only one eye left - he wasn´t pretty at all, but Al loved him nonetheless.
Hugo was a boy with a favorite flower - Poppy seeds. Poppy happened to be the name of Neville´s youngest daughter… what was coincidence of course.

once they all married into the clan, teddy, scorpius, lorcan, and lysander liked to get together to discus weasley family drama.

Anonymous: Who do you see as the Next Gen kids' endgames and who do you think they would date along the way?


to be honest, my endgames fluctuate a lot! i think usually it ends up as teddy/victoire, molly/lorcan, and lucy/lysander, and scorpius i’m currently struggling with. i have various ocs for the rest, though some i have yet to settle on properly. i do tend to have rose and scorpius date as a summer fling sort of romance but they never last, and i also like teddy and victoire splitting up for a few years after hogwarts and dating other people, but they always come back to each other in the end.

Lily and Lysander both had a thing for rainbows.
Lucy loves muggle music.